It’s the typical situation for many startups that can’t invest in marketing. What can they do? The answer is provided by a businessman, Neil Patel, a marketing consultant for companies such as Amazon and HP.

How to run a marketing campaign at a low price.

1. Start by creating a blog: A blog is a must for every online strategy for marketing. Utilize it, make it work, and then make it successful.

2. Comment on:  Locate 5 websites in your field of expertise. Then, read the blog’s content and leave a comment. People will see the name of your site, and your website will be recognizable. Be sure to leave a quality comment, so you don’t damage your reputation as a brand.

3. Get information from your fans: “Encourage your customers and fans to write about your store and create content. This way, new content will be developed, and the fans are more likely to spread it.”
How do you create a low-cost marketing campaign?
4. Create the LinkedIn group on LinkedIn: “Creating a group on LinkedIn and publishing content is a great way to interact hundreds of thousands of individuals. It’s free, but the results are astonishing.

5. Tweet (niche-specific): Follow ten influencers in your niche. Retweet their tweets, and include the influencers in your tweets. Being a part of them can be the most efficient method to create your own network.

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6. Create your presence on Google +.Google+ is the best place to put your brand at the top of the Google search engine.”

7. Create free seminars: “It is an effective way to showcase your company’s brand and products to a larger public. Make sure to choose a topic that is appealing to entice people’s attention.

Make use of cross-promotion: If, for instance, you provide online tips for entrepreneurs, you could suggest a web designer create your site. The web designer is your cross-promoting companion of yours. He, in turn, will market his services to clients.

9. Set up a network:  Attend events in your city, where you will meet people who will extend a hand to shake yours. The fact is that each of them could represent a marketing opportunity.

10. Make use of the hashtag to your advantage:  You can create one for your company and use it for all of the content that you produce in the future. A hashtag increases your online visibility and serves as a virtual extension of your company’s brand.

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