You likely are one of those users who save all their images and videos on their phone’s memory. However, the memory we have often isn’t sufficient to store all the data that we own and could run the danger of being destroyed.

Cloud-based services on the internet have been trendy in recent times, providing us with more storage space in a more practical manner. Today, we provide an overview of the Best Free Cloud Storage Services for 2022.

Best Free Cloud Storage Services for 2022

1 – Dropbox

This has been one of the most Popular Best storage services over the past few years. It has been available on the internet since the year 2000.

While it’s one of the most popular options, it only offers two gigabytes of free storage. That’s not too bad, but not enough to handle the amount of information we could have multiple times.


The main reason that has made Dropbox famous is its features. It is cross-platform accessible, allowing us to control our files without having them on our computers.

From this service, we could claim that it shows the ease of uploading documents online, editing them, or collaborating with several users.

2 – One Drive

This is why they created its One Drive service, which is, in addition to being available with Windows 10, also works on Android, Mac, and iOS.

They previously offered them the option of 15GB of storage for free, and however, currently, they offer just 5GB at no cost.

One Drive service

One of the things that stands out in One Drive is the option to sync all documents we make through the phone to the cloud. It is also thought to be the most reliable service for the online storage of documents.

3 – Google Drive

If what you’re looking for is free cloud storage services and have the reputation of a vast business, Google offers us this fantastic offer of 15GB for free.

While it is installed only on Android devices, you can access this service for iOS, Linux, macOS, or Windows.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows its users to make spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. It also gives us the possibility of making edits with coworkers in real-time.

We must remember that Google is among the top companies with the highest number of users globally and thought that it would be a part of the world of the cloud sooner or later.

4 – PCloud

It is true that, although it’s not like Google Drive or One Drive, however, this storage service is getting an increasing amount of attention each day.

PCloud provides us with 20GB of space for free. You can use it on desktops and mobile devices. If you prefer to manage your files, you can do so on the PCloud website.

PCloud provides us with 20GB

One of the benefits that this program offers is the ability to synchronize our files with no limitation, regardless of size.

5 – Amazon Drive

The well-known Amazon company has also made the decision to enter this world and has launched its own Amazon Drive initiative. Drive by Amazon It gives users five gigabytes of free storage of their data on Amazon servers.

Amazon Drive

With its features, it lets us make backup copies of the multimedia files we have. and you are able to also download the desktop or smartphone application.

Undoubtedly, one of the most reliable free cloud storage services that you can find on the Internet is Box.

6 – Box

We introduced a storable service that is among the oldest solutions online that in 2005. However, it has not been terribly popular if there are many users.

The Box is mostly designed to provide services to businesses providing more security as well as the potential for better control over the use of the data available.

Since it’s aimed primarily towards businesses, it provides just 5GB of free space, which is available to anyone may not be as compelling. But, as with many other providers, Box offers us synchronization options between mobile and desktop devices.

7 – iCloud

If you’re an avid Apple client, then you already have iCloud as one of the most vital cloud storage options available for free.

This service gives you 5 GB of space to save your information. Most iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac users will appreciate this feature.


iCloud is suggested to be used as soon as you purchase one of the items previously mentioned, and all multimedia data on the device will be automatically synced to the cloud.

Utilizing this cloud storage service, you can access your information on any Apple device and make backup copies of future documents, images, and videos.